Dear community,

I’ve had to wait 3 months before I could articulate this letter.

Coming out of a tumultuous year, I’ve embraced this much needed time to process and integrate the enormity of 2020. As you know, the spiritual path is long and winding, full of many twists and turns along the way. Those who have been following my journey for a while know that I’ve never held back from sharing my heart with you; I’m excited to start sharing more of my mind.

You see, I had been so focused on transcending my mind & exploring the space of beyond-mind, that I (un)knowingly dissociated from reality and inadvertently from myself. Needless to say, these last couple of years have been a huge lesson on spiritual bypassing and the pitfalls of the spiritual ego. Today, I celebrate and share those lessons with you.

Spiritual bypassing is a part of every seekers’ journey and nothing to be ashamed of; at some point we all dissociate from reality—much growth and expansion can happen from this space. But at some point we must come back to the real world—or as Zen calls it—the “marketplace.” What matters is not that we left, but how we land; how gracefully we can navigate the undercurrents of our raw, messy, tenacious humanness. How much we can withstand the unbearableness & mockery of being human. And regardless of how clumsy and awkward the landing is, it’s our capacity to exhale deeply, laugh when we can, cry if we need to, and keep going, that matters.

Buddha teaches us that the first part of our spiritual journey is introspective & meditative, while the second part is all about integrating those insights with the intention of creating a better world. As the great mystic Osho says, “meditation is the source; compassion is the overflow of that source.” This is the journey towards Oneness.

As I embark on this second part of my journey, I invite you to gently land with me, whatever that may look like for you today. Things are about to get a lot more real around here; we’re going to scare the world by showing up with radical authenticity. There’s simply no time for anything else. Time is of essence, beloveds, and there is much work to be done.

The 2021 theme here at Seeking With Sattva is “collective liberation.” This is where we are headed, seekers; together, we are evolving towards a new level of expanded consciousness, one that is more intersectional, integrated, and embodied than ever. Instead of creating a New Earth, we are going to create a New Humanity. We’re going to put down our self-obsessions and give back to the earth with gratitude. We’re going to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors. We’re going to sleep soundly knowing that we are sincere and honest in our quest for Truth. We are going to break cycles that no longer serve our communities. No regrets, no ties to judgement, guilt, or shame—just the sheer joy of welcoming each other home.  

This next phase is about community. Grounded spirituality. Sacred activism. Prayer. Truth. And social change. It’s going to be a woke AF party. All are welcome. Invite everyone you know.

While I refresh my website to reflect the woman I am today, be sure to follow my growing community on Instagram and sign up for my e-mail list to receive weekly insights to support you on your journey towards radical authenticity. I’m so excited for you, for us, for our world.

To your Truth,

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